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Download Dinakaran Newspaper PDF for exam preparation like IAS, SSC, RRB, PSC, UPSC, and all other Government Competitive Exams. We upload the Dinakaran PDF in the daily morning before all other websites. You can also download old published Dinakaran epaper from the download list.

Dinakaran is a Tamil- language daily newspaper published by the Sun Group. It is the owner of the Sun TV Network, Sun Direct DTH, and also the Indian Premier League Cricket Franchisee, Sunrisers Hyderabad. The newspaper was originally launched by a Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party politician, K. P. Kandasamy. In the year of 2005, Mr.Kandasamy’s son K. P. K. Kumaran sold the paper company to the Sun Group. Dinakaran is published by Kal Publications Private Limited, which is a part of the Sun Group. Kal Publications hence wholly owned by  Kalanithi Maran and his wife Kavery Kalanithi. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) of 2017, the newspaper is the second-largest read Tamil language newspaper, and ranks 14th in newspapers across all the languages, and is the 6th most read regional newspaper in India.

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The Executive Chairman of Sun TV Network Kalanithi Maran, and the Chairman of the Sun Group, holds 95.35% shares and his wife holds 4.65% of Kal Publications Private Limited. The husband’s wife totally owns 100% of Kal Publication Private Limited and through this company owns the Dinakaran. The relationship between Kal Publications Private Limited and the Sun Group could be made through the Annual Report of Sun TV Network of  2017-18, where Kal Publications Private Limited is listed under the Enterprises in which Key Management Personnel.

The Dinakaran newspaper was not that much popular before 2005. Once Kalanidhi Maran acquired the newspaper company, he used his own business tricks and made it the number one paper among the Tamil dailies. Kalanidhi Maran gave the Dinakaran newspaper for just one rupee for some time. After became a famous newspaper, the rate has been increased to Rs 2. Even now also Dinakaran is the cheapest paper in terms of Rate.

Dinakaran has twelve publish centers across the country. Out of twelve, eight centers are available in the state of  Tamil Nadu. 1 center is available in Pondicherry. The remaining 3 centers are available in other states which has much  Tamil – language population. Publish Centers of Dinakaran in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry are Chennai (Covers Chennai and its suburbs), Coimbatore (Covers Western Tamil Nadu), Madurai (Covers South Central TN),  Trichy (Covers Central TN), Salem (Covers North-Western TN), Tirunelveli (Covers South TN), Nagercoil (Covers South most TN),  Vellore (Covers North Central TN) and alsoPondicherry (Covers Pondicherry State).

Why people will choose the Dinakaran newspaper?

Dinakaran is an excellent newspaper and also well-sourced and presented. It tends to focus more on secularism and on civil liberties than other factors. Dinakaran has better coverage of the Union Government and its politics. However, they fall behind the other papers describing the politics and governance of many states. It has better op-ed. The Dinakaran mainly focused on secularism or civil liberties. However, it has excellent op-ed sections. Dinakaran on the other hand seems like the kind of people who can take on anybody.

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