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Download Nava Bharat Times Newspaper PDF for exam preparation like IAS, SSC, RRB, PSC, UPSC, and all other Government Competitive Exams. Nava Bharat Times PDF link in the daily morning before all other websites. You can also download old published Nava Bharat Times epaper from the download list.

Nava Bharat Times is a Hindi-language daily newspaper. It published through fourteen editions from the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. This company was founded in the year 1934. Amongst Hindi Newspaper, Navabharat Times has the sixth-highest readership according to Indian Readership Survey’09 R1 in India. With its other newspapers, Central Chronicle and  Navarashtra published in English and Marathi language respectively. Navabharat Times has three supplements mainly, Suruchi, Glamour, Aakash.

Why people will choose Nava Bharat Times?

Nava Bharat Times is an excellent newspaper and also well-sourced and presented. It tends to focus more on secularism and on civil liberties than other factors. The Nava Bharat Times has better coverage of the Union Government and its politics. However, they fall behind the other newspaper in describing the politics and governance of various states. It has a better op-ed. The Nava Bharat Times mainly focused on secularism or civil liberties. However, it has excellent op-ed sections.  Nava Bharat Times on the other hand seems like the kind of people who can take on anybody.

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Here, we upload the Nava Bharat Times epaper in the daily morning. You can easily download the newspaper by clicking the download link.

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History  of Nava Bharat Times

Nava Bharat Times was launched on 8 February 1934 by Mr. Ramgopal Maheshwari, a Gandhian freedom fighter, journalist, and also a  promoter of the Hindi language. Maheshwari served as its Editor-in-Chief for 65 years. Initially, the newspaper started as a bi-weekly publication in Nagpur, and very soon it became a daily newspaper. It has set its boundaries to different parts of a. This bi-weekly edition has participated in the freedom fighting movement and bore the brunt of the British Government. In the year 1942  Times risked its existence for its extensive coverage. At this time, the police and secret services kept a close watch on its activities. In 1950, Navabharat Times commemorated the launch of its Jabalpur edition. In the mid-time of the nineteenth century, Navabharat Times launched its Bhopal, Raipur, and also Indore editions.

In the year 2000, Navabharat Times then included another majorly spoken language in their bout with their Marathi daily ‘Maharashtra’  from  India. Now it gets published from three centers Nagpur, Mumbai, and Pune along with many other rural areas, 9 hyper-local editions as well, and 3 supplements Gunjan, Mayuri, and Kshitij. The  Navabharat Times Media group known as Central Chronicle was started from Bhopal in the year 1957. Central Chronicle started spreading in the post-independence era. In the year 1984, the Central Chronicle’s Bilaspur and Raipur editions were launched.

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