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Sakshi epaper PDF Free Download today. Read Sakshi epaper daily morning. Also, download the old Sakshi PDF file. Sakshi is one of the largest Telugu daily newspaper in India. Go below and you can see a list date wise pdf files and Download today’s  Sakshi  Newspaper. 

The Sakshi is a Telugu-language daily newspaper, based in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This newspaper is owned by Mr.Y. S. Bharati, who is the wife of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy. It is run by K. Ramachandra Murthy.

Sakshi Newspaper is a Telugu Newspaper. It is so famous in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Sakshi was launched on 24th March 2008.  It is owned by Y.S. Bharati wife of Andhara Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy. Now K. Ramchandra Murthy runs the whole Business of Sakshi Epaper.

Some Characteristics of Sakshi  ePaper :

TYPEDaily newspaper
OWNER(S)Y.S Bharathi (wife of Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy)
PUBLISHERJagathi publications
FOUNDEDMarch 2008
HEADQUARTERSHyderabad, India
CIRCULATION2,092,194 Daily(as of Jan – July 2017)

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January 2021

22 January AP     TS

21 January AP     TS

20 January AP     TS

19 January AP     TS

18 January AP     TS

17 January AP     TS

16 January AP     TS

15 January AP     TS

14 January AP     TS

13 January AP     TS

12 January AP     TS

11 January AP     TS

10 January AP     TS

9 January AP     TS

8 January AP     TS

7 January AP     TS

6 January AP     TS

5 January AP     TS

4 January AP     TS

3 January AP     TS

2 January AP     TS

1 January AP     TS

December 2020

31 December AP     TS

30 December AP     TS

29 December AP     TS

28 December AP     TS

27 December AP     TS

26 December AP     TS

25 December AP     TS

24 December AP     TS

23 December AP     TS

22 December AP     TS

21 December AP     TS

20 December AP     TS

19 December AP     TS

18 December AP     TS

17 December AP     TS

16 December AP     TS

15 December AP     TS

14 December AP     TS

13 December AP     TS

12 December AP     TS

11  December AP     TS

10  December AP     TS

9  December AP     TS

8  December AP     TS

7 December AP     TS

6 December AP     TS

5 December AP     TS

4 December AP     TS

3 December AP     TS

2 December  AP     TS

1 December AP     TS

November 2020

30 November AP     TS

29 November AP     TS

28 November AP     TS

27 November AP     TS

26 November AP     TS

25 November AP     TS

24 November  AP     TS

23 November  AP     TS

22 November  AP     TS

21 November  AP     TS

20 November  AP     TS

19 November  AP     TS

18 November  AP     TS

17 November  AP     TS

16 November  AP     TS

15 November  AP     TS

14 November  AP     TS

13 November  AP     TS

12 November  AP     TS

11 November  AP     TS

10 November  AP     TS

9 November  AP     TS

8 November  AP     TS

7 November  AP     TS

6 November  AP     TS

5 November  AP     TS

4 November  AP     TS

3 November  AP     TS

2 November  AP     TS

1 November  AP     TS

October 2020

October 2020

27 October   AP     TS

25 October   AP     TS

24 October   AP     TS

23 October   AP     TS

22 October   AP     TS

21 October   AP     TS

20 October   AP     TS

19 October   AP     TS

18 October   AP     TS

17 October   AP     TS

16 October   AP     TS

15 October   AP     TS

14 October   AP     TS

13 October   AP     TS

12 October   AP   TS  

11 October   AP     TS

10 October   AP     TS

9 October   AP     TS

8 October   AP     TS

7 October   AP     TS

6 October   AP     TS

5 October   AP     TS

4 October   AP     TS

3 October   AP     TS

2 October   AP     TS

1 October   AP     TS


Sakshi, the Telegu daily was first launched on 24 March 2008. It was the first regional newspaper, which was designed by the world-renowned newspaper designer, Mario Garcia. According to the Price Water House Audit, the Sakshi newspaper had an initial print run of 1,286,670 in total. In December 2017, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, their circulation figures released, the Sakshi is the second most circulating newspaper media in Telugu states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) after Eenadu with a circulation figure of 1.09 million and above.

Sakshi began with total of twenty-three editions published simultaneously from 19 cities along with the four metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai according to the Limca Book of Records. Sakshi was the second newspaper daily in the country to publish all of its pages in various colors. Now it is available online each and every day with all of its editions along with its regional editions.

Why people will choose the Sakshi newspaper?

The Sakshi newspaper belongs to Jagan Mohan Reddy. Every people who heard of the name of this paper knows one of these facts. One cannot expect the newspaper-daily to publish anti-news on Jagan even if there is one. This is highly typical when compared to others the so-called other newspapers which say that they are completely transparent and completely support one particular political party. Even this party has some dedicated news channels which always this particular party no matter how worst their ruling is.

Keeping the political party news aside, the Sakshi family section publishes some great and honest interviews about popular celebrities. Their literature section and Funday supplementare also good.We just have to set our prejudices aside and read the ‘good content’ in any newspaper without getting biased by their personal news. If you would like to read this type of news then Sakshi newspaper is for you.

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