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Download Times of India Newspaper PDF for exam preparation like IAS, SSC, RRB, PSC, UPSC, and all other Government Competitive Exams. We upload Times of India  PDF in the daily morning before all other websites. You can also download old published Times of India epaper from the download list.

The Times of India is an Indian English-language daily based newspaper in India. It is also a digital news media, which is owned and managed by The Times Group. By circulation, it is the third-largest newspaper in India and most selling English-language daily in the world. Mainly It is the oldest English newspaper in India, and the second-oldest Indian English language newspaper still in circulation since its first edition was published in 1838. It has a nickname, named as “The Old Lady of Bori Bunder”.At the starting of the 20th century, Lord Curzon called The Times of India “the leading paper in Asia”. In the year 1991,  The Times of India ranked among the world’s six best newspapers. The newspaper is owned and published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd), which is owned by the Sahu Jain family.


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History of the Times of India :

On 3 November 1838, The Times of India published its first edition as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. The newspaper was firstly published on Wednesdays and Saturdays under the direction of Raobahadur Narayan Dinanath Velkar, who was a Maharashtrian social reformer and contained news from Britain and the world, as well as the Indian Subcontinent. Mr. J.E. Brennan was its first editor. In the year 1850, the newspaper began to publish daily editions.

In the year 1860, Mr. Robert Knight bought the Indian shareholders’ interests, merged with rival Bombay Standard, and started the country’s first newspaper agency.  In the year 1861, the company changed the name from the Bombay Times and Standard to The Times of India. The Knight fought for a press free of prior restraint or intimidation and frequently resisting the attempts by governments, business interests, and cultural spokesmen and led the paper to national prominence. After a time, this company employed more than 800 workers and had a sizeable circulation in the part of India and Europe.

This company acquired Vijayanand Printers Limited and they published two Kannada newspapers, Vijay Karnataka and Usha Kiran, and an English daily, Vijay Times on 2006. The Vijay Karnataka was the leader in the Kannada newspaper segment at that time. The paper published a Chennai edition on 12 April 2008 and also launched a Kolhapur edition, February 2013.

Why we will choose the Times of India newspaper?

Times of India is one of the best daily based newspaper in the country which fairly decent coverage of all relevant & important, social and economic, political and sports, national and international events of the international and beyond. In fact, The Times of India is the only Indian newspaper which can be called a complete newspaper – after reading which – one does not get the feeling of having missed out on something. The total coverage and analysis of events by this paper are really good and admirable. Also, in these times of media houses faithfully towing the Modi agenda and targeting opposition leaders while they should be almost digging dirt in the backyards of power brokers, The Times of India is fairly objective and unbiased to in its reporting. To cut the long story short, not the worst idea to invest Rs.5 in The Times of India every day.

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